Franziska Lienberger the face behind all her felting curiosities.Felting courses are held at her home in the west of Ireland.Come along to any of the felting courses that go on all year round .Learn to wet felt and create a fairy or a Gnome.
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Irish Felt Fairy
Franziska Lienberger
Dooneen Ballinameen
Boyle Co.Roscommon
Tel. (00353) 863825965
irish felt fairy creates wet felted products which are handcrated in Ireland


I'm Franziska.

A Fairy Creator And Fairy Ambassador . I Try To Catch Their Wickedness ,Beauty And Mystery.I'm Also A Mother To Two Earthlings And A Wife

My Studio Is A Hideaway Where I Dare To Dream Of Fairies And Other Magical Things...... You're Welcome To  My World Of Ideas In Wool.

Irish Felt Fairy studio in Ballinameen Boyle Ireland

Peek  A Boo.........

Slight Glimpse Of My Studio in Dooneen Ballinameen Co.Roscommon Ireland

Irish Fel Fairy studio,ready to get felting wool.
My workshop in Ballinameen Ireland where Irish Felt Fairy rules

A Room With A View. I Wonder ,Is There Really A Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow.

This Is The View My Fairies Have From My Workshop Window !

my workshop View from window in Ballinameen Ireland.Irish Felt Fairy studio
My Other Irish Felt Fairy Residents
Tiger the dog and Gizmo the cat relaxing in Irish Felt Studio workshop
My horse Montana,resident at Irish Felt Fairy farm
A Rabitt looking up ,resident of Irish Felt Fairy studio
A chicken at Irish Felt Fairy

I started to felt many years ago. In 2010 both of my children were in school and I had a bit of time to develop my craft a bit more.

I'm still in love with what I do . Every day is different. 

I'm a one person business ,which means. I'm the accountant,designer,website developer, artist and craft worker all in one.

Needless to say I'm never bored.

My inspiration comes from what's around me. Ireland is the homeland of fairies .

Many,many years ago, a tribe of fairies called Tuatha De Danann lived on this island.

They were defeated in battle when warrior tribes began to arrive in Ireland .

The aes sidhe( Irish for fairy) loved Ireland too much to leave and made a pact with the other party,that forever more they would live underground.

To this day fairies and leprechauns are well respected in Ireland. A single standing hawthorn tree or lone bush will not be disturbed  as these belong to the fairies that live there.

Beautiful Ireland with the shadows of today and the past. Irish Fairies surely rule here.
Three best fairy friends enjoying a bit of sunshine.Created by Irish Felt fairy.Made from wool and fibre.