Fairy Shop

Here in my Fairy shop are lots of fairies waiting to be picked up by you.

I would like to note that none of my fairies where ever captured.They all walk freely through our garden or inhabit the fairy tree(it’s an old gnarled hawthorn bush) behind our house.

Sometimes they wish to relocate and that’s when they come looking for me.Every fairy has her own personality and I can’t stress that enough.So take our time to get to know her….you never know what you might have in common.





Felted Fairy by Irish Felt Fairy

Tooth fairy Maggie at work

Price: 100.00
Hi ,my name is Maggie.I’m a tooth fairy.I ‘m very good at my job.So far only 2 children woke up when I put the money under their pillow.I like chocolate the most.And I don’t like walking.Come on I have wings.Ohhhhh and I don’t like early mornings either.As I’m out working all night.
Fairy Leoni made by Irish Felt Fairy

Toothfairy Leoni

Price: 110.00
Nice to meet you,I’m Leoni.Always a helping hand with loose teeth.
Tooth fairy handmade in Ireland

Tooth fairy Harriet 

Price: 100.00
Harriet is my name.Pleased to meet you.I’m also a tooth fairy.Me and Maggie work hand in hand.I do the early shift, and the houses where there are dogs sleeping in a child’s bed.I’m not afraid of dogs like other fairies I could mention.Likes:blueberries and cream             dislikes: clean windows(I keep flying into them)
toothfairy Salina

Salina is a flower fairy.

Price: 120.00
Hi ,I’m Salina.I’m looking for somewhere to live where I could help grow beautiful flowers.
 Fairy Maddie
Fairy ella2Fairy Ruby  
Price: 29.00
Ruby is my name.I’m a wing specialist.I know all about them.Every wing is different,like your finger print.We even have an archive where we keep a record of our wings.Likes:knitting              Dislikes:gale force wind(destroys most wings)
Fairy Mina

Fairy Mina

Price: 29.00
Mina I’m called.I’m a very happy little fairy.I love telling stories and make fairies laugh.Thats not very hard to do as fairies giggle a lot anyway.Do you like a good laugh?I like:     looking at the cloudsI dislike:        a moody fairy
Fairy Tilly

Fairy Tilly

Price: 29.00
Hi,great to see you.