Fairy Shop

There are fairies in our garden and they’re flying everywhere,over trees and under leaves
and spinning in the air.There are fairies in our garden and it’s plain to see…….so look into your garden and you’ll see some just like me .

I would like to note that none of my fairies where ever captured.They all walk freely through our garden or inhabit the fairy tree(it’s an old gnarled hawthorn bush) behind our house.

Sometimes they wish to relocate and that’s when they come looking for me.Every fairy has her own personality and I can’t stress that enough.So take your time to get to know her….you never know what you might have in common.

She has  a pouch, where all lost teeth can be stored,or where you can put in a few coins for your child that lost a tooth.She’s made with the finest merino I can get my hands on.Her hair is from the famous wensleydale sheep or from the swiss valais mountain sheep.Its very soft and curly.

She also comes with a wand( in case she needs a few spells)

They vary in size but are all approximately 40 cm. tall.

First up are the more famous tooth fairies.Always ready where she’s needed.

The second part,are the smaller fairies,but no less cuter than the big ones.The smaller fairies carry a bag with them with a little note.Size vary but are in about 27 cm (tip of hat to shoe)

They are all one of a kind and therefor very special.


 Thank you for looking at my collection.



Tooth fairy

Tooth fairy Leoni .

Price: 89.00
Tooth fairy handmade in Ireland

Tooth fairy
Hand made in ireland

Price: 75.00
Harriet is my name.Pleased to meet you.
Fairy Nigela

Fairy Nigela ,out and about.

Price: 85.00
Fairy Muriel.Pure merino wool felted.One of a kind.

Fairy Muriel.Pure merino wool felted.One of a kind.


Price: 37.00